Laura Gostling. Repurposed orange boiler suit jacket

This RECUT story was born from my love of amending and remaking…

As an individual designer maker, repurposing vintage and second hand textiles and clothing is my way to make a small difference, to share and inspire, to reinforce repairing and renewing as positive valued processes, and to provide a more circular approach to clothing and textiles.

The re-make process always begins with an un-make process. The garments for repurposing are carefully unpicked before being rebuilt in layers, each section is machine quilted and stitched together before lining and finishing. Some are enhanced with many more hours of hand sewing using embroidery or hand quilting... a labour of love. More information on my quilting and visible mending processes can be found here.

Each piece is handmade using different reclaimed textiles with varying levels of repairs, patching, quilting and hand stitching meaning every one, in form and size, will be unique.

The process is slow, enjoyably so, therefore production is limited and pieces will be released in small groups as they are completed.

My aim, through repurposing, is to add longevity, life and value to items that already exist, creating pieces made to be loved and lived in, products for a lifetime.